Many Improvements Completed this Spring!

With only one Maintenance Week (in early November) to do major projects without inconveniencing the guests, having some down time in the early spring for over a month held a lot of potential! With the Board’s blessing, we used the time from mid-March to mid-May to complete some great improvements to the resort! Idaho never closed down construction, so as long as everyone could work safely, we were able to carry on!

We drained the pool and had it resurfaced. This was a great opportunity since we usually did it during Maintenance Week (every 6-7 years), but only had 10 days to get it done. This year, we were able to dry it out completely, put on several coats that could then cure for 3 weeks (instead of 5 days!). We replaced the wall of windows separating the pool area from the pool deck. This project kept an Idaho company working for three weeks when all their other projects were canceled. They appreciated it so much they gave us a nice discount!

We were already scheduled to replace the rest of the boardwalks with pavers (one of the Special Assessment projects), but we were able to work earlier (we could start up the saws and equipment before 9am) and could place materials (gravel, pavers, etc.) nearer to the project without worrying about navigating around cars and people. We also completed parts of the project that were scheduled for 2021. The espresso shop deck is bigger and beautiful! We eliminated as many steps as we could around A and B Building and built a wide smooth walkway down to the docks. We also constructed a nice walkway between Building I and Building A (behind the Admin office). To top off the paver project, the Board approved a nice patio on the waterfront (on the east side of the little pumphouse) to put a burning boulder (like a fire pit only inside a big hollowed out boulder) which is fueled with propane. Guest have been enjoying both early in the morning with coffee and until 10pm at night roasting marshmallows. Unfortunately the benches we ordered have been held up because the factory was shut down for several months.

We resurfaced the tennis court using the same asphalt company (Interstate) that was scheduled to repave the parking lot and were able to save money on that project since all their equipment was already on site. Then we asked Interstate to move us ahead one week so we could have the parking lot done before the Athletic Club reopened on May 16th. They did a fantastic job! The parking lot looks great with all the new striping (yes, all the unit numbers are marked as well). We fixed some drainage issues at the same time!

One other improvement that occurred last fall involved the satellite system. We lost the main component and when it was replaced, we made some improvements to the signal strength and received 13 more stations for $1 less per month (competition is stiff in this business)!

We understand how fortunate we were to able to accomplish so much while still keeping employees, contractors and others safe! So far, everyone has been very pleased with the improvements!