COVID-19 Update as of August 1st

As of August 1st, the resort has been open to guests for three months. Occupancy started slow, but has increased over the summer to normal summer levels. We are doing well so far and want to thank all our guests for taking responsibility for their own safety and respecting others. 

Valarie did a great job redesigning her craft classes so that kids could pick up craft kits and a flash drive of Valarie teaching the craft class so they could do the activities in the comfort of their own unit whenever it was convenient for them! One mom said the video of Valarie (playing on the big screen TV in the unit) was so funny, they had to watch it several times to hear all the instructions because they were laughing! She even designed the Tie-Dye activity for guests to do on their own! For Frog-O-Rama, Valarie organized a big scavenger hunt with nearly 100 pictures of Frogo hidden throughout the common areas! As usual, the team with the most frogs wins!! Bingo is played at the waterfront with Valarie using a bullhorn!

We set up a little ordering window for the Espresso Shop and that has worked great! Some rearrangement of the Athletic Club’s’ fitness equipment, daily mid-day cleanings (12noon-12:30pm), an ozonator operating at night and a Plexiglas barrier for the Club staff in addition to the personal antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers (that we’ve always offered) has made the Club a welcome place to get some exercise. Housekeeping and Maintenance do what they need to do in the units if the unit is vacated or guests stay in another room. People have been so gracious and willing to do what they can to distance themselves and respect the staff!

Thanks to our owners, staff and guests for keeping the resort safe, relaxing and fun!