NEW Club Interval Gold Program Offered!

Pend Oreille Shores has teamed up with Interval International to offer you Interval’s newest exchange program: Club Interval Gold!!

Because we participate in this program, you have now have the ability to deposit your week in exchange for points, which you can use for an entirely new vacation experience in over 80 nations around the world. You’ll have the flexibility to redeem points for full or partial vacation weeks, and a variety of accommodation sizes and travel seasons. You can even apply your points toward a cruise, hotel, tour, golf, or spa exchange or a unique Interval Experiences adventure!

You can also trade on a traditional week basis. This program has so many benefits!

Stay tuned for upcoming emails to educate you on this great new opportunity.

If you can’t wait, please call Lisa Derr for details at 208-264-5828 ext. 181.

In 2020, we will be having presentations regarding the great purchase opportunity the Board has authorized in addition to all the benefits of a Club Interval Gold membership!