Board Extends Special Offer!

All owners want to keep their Maintenance Fees down. One way to accomplish that goal is to have as many Pend Oreille Shores Owners as possible therefore dividing the cost of operations among more people.

YOU CAN HELP! If just one out of 3 current owners helps sell ONE interval, we would be sold out! You know Pend Oreille Shores Resort has Maintenance Fees 46% below the national average.
You know we have (and have always had) a Deedback program. The travel options are more varied and flexible than ever before!

Most of you know and understand that the more HOA intervals we are able to sell, the better chance of maintaining or lowering (if we sell enough!) the maintenance fees for all owners.

To further help our HOA resale program efforts, the Pend Oreille Shores Board of Managers has approved to extend the incredible sales opportunity for owners. They wanted to offer current owners (and their friends and family) intervals that are hundreds of dollars less than the current HOA interval listed prices and thousands lower than other timeshares.

One bedrooms, waterview: Unit cost $0

One bedrooms, waterfront: Unit cost $50

Two bedrooms, waterview: Unit cost $150

Two bedrooms, waterfront Unit cost $200

AND each purchase includes the first year of occupancy’s FREE! The next year’s

Maintenance Fee ($750 and the transfer fee ($115) are the only additional costs. So a one bedroom waterfront would cost $50 + $750 + $115 = $915 (and that includes 2 years of occupancy)!

PLEASE HELP OUT YOUR HOA (and yourself, too!)