Improvements, as always, in the works!

As usual, we've got a lot of projects completed and more planned! The king beds and new bedroom furniture are in all the master bedrooms! While the bed issue is a hard one to win (the same bed can be too hard, too soft, too small, just right). We've received more compliments on the beds than ever before! The maintenance staff, Terrell, and Mike, did a great job building the platform (and saved us a substantial amount of money!). The entire maintenance staff also did a great job of installing the new bedroom furniture and selling the old furniture. We are currently looking at new pictures for the master bedrooms and will start the bedroom lamp project (all mounted, swing arm lamps) this winter. More units received new carpeting so we only have a few left to do this winter.

The Special Assessment projects are moving right along:

  • The outer dock and breakwater were completed this April, just in time for the spring fishing derby! More lights and electrical outlets were added.
  • Engineered drawings of the new 'sea wall' have been completed. This project requires approval from both Bonner County and the Department of Lands and those will be forthcoming. This project will take several years to complete.
  • The parking lot overlay is scheduled for late September or early October.
  • The boardwalk/paver project will also begin this fall.

One major 'surprise repair (which we set funds aside for) occurred when a main water line broke in the basement of the Club (where the well water comes in and is distributed throughout the resort). New plumbing was installed to replace the original system. Thanks to Brian Ward, Maintenance Supervisor, and RC Worst for their hours and hours of work! The guests checking in that Friday when the repairs were done were so understanding and patient. We also replaced our 9-year-old computers this spring! Meanwhile, the 'as needed' projects such as replacing windows, heat pumps, and appliances continue on as usual.