Resale Scams

BEWARE! Please! Please! Keep your eyes open for still more Timeshare Resale Scams! We can’t emphasize enough that IF ANYONE CONTACTS YOU AND ASKS FOR MONEY UP FRONT TO SELL YOUR TIMESHARE OR RELIEVE YOU OF YOUR OBLIGATION (OR TO APPRAISE IT, OR FOR ANY REASON) RUN AWAY!! They may try to convince you that they have a buyer (usually for thousands of dollars!) or that your resort is planning a huge Special Assessment that you can avoid or that they represent RCI or ARDA or any one of the other legitimate timeshare organizations. If you are contacted, just take their information (most won’t give it to you) and call your resort or the Attorney General’s office of the state in which they are based and do some of your own investigating before giving any money to anyone. You should NEVER give personal information or money to someone who contacts you. If they are legit, they won’t mind giving you their information so you can check them out yourself. We attended a conference last Fall that addressed the growing problem of resale scams throughout the country. Pend Oreille Shores has been a victim of some of the same scams that have hit Florida, Texas and other states. There seems to be three prominent methods of these scammers.

  1. They take your money to “relieve” you of your Maintenance Fee obligation but never do any ownership changes; so by the time you get your next Maintenance Fee bill, the company is long gone with your money and you still own the timeshare.
  2. The scammers take your money and then turn the unit back to the resort.
  3. (This is the worst—and becoming more prevalent!) They take your money and then put a fictitious name on the deed with a bogus address which forces the resort to take the interval to Foreclosure, which costs the resort (and therefore the owners) almost $1,500 in legal fees (per unit!). We are constantly updated by Timesharing Today Magazine and other organizations about the ongoing problem. Please don’t fall for their “too good to be true” rhetoric.