Improvements and Upgrades Keep Coming!

The Resort turned 30 this last spring! Numerous owners who have owned since the early '80s have commented that "the resort is looking better now than it did 20-30 years ago!"

There have been many, many substantial, obvious upgrades over the last two decades and countless unseen and smaller improvements. From roofs and docks to sewer pumps and sand filters, the Board and staff do their best to keep the resort looking good and operating efficiently.

Recent upgrades over the past year include new sleeper sofas and recliners, new countertops for F building, new paint for the tennis building and the maintenance shop, new (more efficient!) heat pumps for the Athletic Club, parking lot improvements and much more!

Two of the reasons these improvements can continue while Maintenance Fees stay significantly lower than the national average ($425 vs. $786 excluding property taxes - 2012 comparison), the economy struggles along and no Special Assessments have been levied, is that we have a Board of Managers that believe "quality is economy." This means the decisions made regarding products and projects are not determined by the lowest bid, but the quality of the product or workmanship. The second reason is that the staff takes great pride in the care of the resort and its guests and can accomplish most major pro- jects in-house.

The Maintenance staff, for example, has exceptional skills in carpentry and finish work, saving the Resort thousands of dollars in remodeling costs. One example is the current bathroom remodeling project which started last winter. With the maintenance staff and one outside contractor, the small bathrooms are being remodeled for around $3,000-$3,500 each compared to two outside bids ranging from $8,000-$10,000 per bathroom. Doing the work in-house also allows us to work efficiently around unit vacancies.

Obtaining feedback from owners and guests is another important factor in keeping the Resort in Gold Crown shape!